About Us

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Digital Transformation Expert,

CEOKim Kyoung-Kon

Main Career

  • Web Cash Founder
  • Served as the CyberCVS Founder and CEO
  • Completed H.E.L.P. Course at the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (HIRAS)
  • Completed a specialist course in Big Data
  • Served as the Secretary General of the Seoul Federation of SME Convergence
  • Completed Master in MIS course and PhD in GSM at Sogang Business School

The first one who introduce various services which are now essential to our lives

  • Virtual Account
    Virtual Account

    Automation for institutions which receive funds from many and unspecified persons
    (1996; Dongnam Bank)

  • Convenience store ATMs
    Convenience Store ATMs

    Expansion of offline channels for the 2nd and 3rd financial institutions
    (1999; WebCash)

  • Unmanned utility bill pay system
    Unmanned Utility Bill Payment system

    Alleviation of congestion at banks due to non-essential task
    (2001; CyberCVS)

  • Smart OTP linked Transaction
    Smart OTP Linked Transaction

    Creating OTP solution that is available to certain transactions only
    (2015; CyberCVS)