An inspection system to verify the quality and data consistency of the program through a re-verification from a user’s perspective



  • Test
    (Functional Test, Black-Box Testing, etc.)

  • plus icon
  • Management
    (Test Case, Reports, etc.)


  • 01
    icon CSR system
    • CSR request
    • CSR review
    • Acceptance / Approval
    • Establish plan / Assignment
  • 02
    icon Development Environment
    • Impact analysis
    • Analysis / Design / Development
    • Developer regression test
    • Make corrections when it required and test again
  • 03
    icon Test Environment
    • QA review
    • Third-Party Testing
    • Correct the detected faults and test again
    • Distribution request
  • 04
    icon Operation Environment
    • Internal control
    • Reject when disqualifying features are discovered
    • Release
    • CSR completed

Expected Effect

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    Improvement of Organizational Performance + prevention of fault

  • 02 icon

    Enhance the organization’s quality level through a third-party review on development outcomes

  • 03 icon

    Enhancement of the organization’s own test level with the feedback on the test results

  • 04 icon

    Provide a stable service by taking actions on faults that are not detected in the development process before the official release

  • 05 icon

    Conduct improvement activities on the incomplete functions that may cause errors