Finance SI

Financial SI

Established the system according to customers’ needs based on the financial solution and financial know-how

Financial SI
Based on financial solution and financial know-how, we have established the system according to customers’ needs and are providing financial consulting, which is needed for common marketing, supporting on marketing, and creating new profit.
Excellent professional manpower who have long-time experience of working / development in financial sector
Different kinds of solution that can satisfy the needs of customers such as bank, insurance, security, card, and consumer credit
Have plentiful of SI collaboration experience with bank sectors
Collaboration foundation for professional SI companies (IBM, HP, LGCNS, Woori Finance Information, National Data System)
Configuration of technical system based on different kinds of delivery channel such as ATM, Internet, Mobile, and Digital TV
System Logical
CLIENT: Internet, KIOSK, Mobile, CD / ATM, TV
Access management, relay network management, organization management
Payment-Gateway → Money aggregation, calculation, management of non-processing item
Virtual-Account → Virtual account, account No., customer management
B2B/P2P Payment → Mail banking, mobile banking, web CMS
SMS → Mobile phone text message service
Escrow → Protection of trade, transaction assurance system
TV-Banking → Automatic utility bill receiving system
infowiz → PMS, newsletter, shopping, email
Client Client Support different types of channel
Financial Institution Support every financial institution service such as bank, security, card, insurance, safe, and credit union
Target Institution Support is provided to every target (customer) institution that requires payment